Manage Your Inventory In Clicks

Product Inventory Management

Your inventory can be managed entirely with a few clicks of a button. You can simply add or remove any products that you no longer offer to avoid customer confusion.

Multiple Product Options

A variety of product options such as product colour, material and size can be added to suit your customers’ needs and to ensure you are not limited to what products you offer.

Product Collection

Products can be grouped into appropriate categories to allow your customers to easily find what they are looking for.


Manage & Track Orders In Real Time

Order Manage

Real Time Successful Order Notification

You can be notified by email every time an order has been successfully paid, on top of this you can receive push notifications through the dashboard on our mobile app.

Dashboard Mobile Apps

A downloadable mobile app, which is dedicated to improving your business and is available for iOS and android, allows you to monitor all sales whether you are on the go or just out of the office.

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Simple Order Management

Manage your orders easily with a simple breakdown of each one including: order information, payment and fulfilment. All items in the orders received are grouped together so that viewing them can be simple and time efficient, with the option of printing out individual orders too if you ever need it in that format.

Order Manage

Unsuccessful Order Recovery

If an order is unsuccessful and you no longer care about it then sales will be lost. With our unsuccessful order recovery feature, you can tackle any orders with failed payment easily by requesting payment from the customer again with just a click to ensure neither the sale nor customer is lost due to an unfortunate error.

Customer-friendly Shopping Cart

Accept Multiple Payment Modes

Online Credit Card Payment

You have the ability to accept credit card payments which are also pre-integrated with RevPay online payment gateways so that there is a diverse number of payment options available to your customer, tailoring to their requirements so that they have no issues paying. See our supported payment gateways.

Malaysia Local Banks Online Transfer (Direct Debit)

You as a business can also accept local bank transfers as a form of payment if credit card payment isn’t viable. The service is provided by a 3rd party payment gateway such as RevPay.

1Separate account registration required.2Separate account application required and subjected to service provider appproval.

Simple 1-Page Checkout

With no hassle of having to navigate between pages, amendments can be made quickly allowing for a smoother sale and giving the customer a positive experience.

Storefront Pick-up Option

It is a great and viable option for those customers local to you or perhaps would rather travel to pick up the item than pay shipping.

Beautify Your Store

Macbook and Mobile

Awesome Store Design Templates

You want a store that is eye catching and user friendly, making it memorable to customers and encouraging them to continue to come back. That’s why we have a lot of awesome store design templates for you to choose from when you sign up. All of our store design templates are produced from scratch with our customer requirements in mind. Check out our awesome store designs

Custom Store Design

You can have a custom3 store design to suit your wants and needs. Whilst it will be subjected to our requirements, you have the freedom to customise your store.

3Custom store design is subjected to additional charges and require to follow RedSquare’s Custom Store Design Guideline.

Stay Connected With Your Customers

Discount Code

Discount Codes

You have the opportunity to give out personalised offers to both new and previous customers with discount codes. This increases customer retention as well as giving potential new customers a further incentive to purchase from your store. Discounts are flexible for you and you can enable or disable when necessary.


Social Media Integration

Social Media is a great marketing tool to engage with a wider audience and gain new customers. Every product is integrated with Facebook, Twitter and more to help market your product or service to as many people as possible on a variety of platforms.

Search Engine Friendly

Potential and current customers can easily search for your store and your products via all search engines including Googles, Bing, Yahoo, Ask to name a few. You also have the opportunity to use search engine optimisation so that your store has better search engine results ranking for all to see.

After Sales Care & Support


24/7 Email Support

We offer you customer support via email 24/7. If you ever have a problem with your store or any of the features on it then we are on hand to help whenever you need in order to let your business flourish. We aim to provide the best after sales care and support to ensure our customers are happy and that their business becomes a success.

Speech Bubbles

Live Chat Support

Sometimes as a customer you require more immediate support for problems that you want addressing as soon as possible so that your business can continue to run smoothly. If emails are not immediate enough then we offer live chat support where you can talk to a professional that can help with your query.

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